Why Hiring A Restaurant PR Firm Helps Drive Traffic To A Restaurant

Every new restaurant has that known 6 month period to break even or bust in order to survive in the industry. Especially in Los Angeles where food is one of the most important part of its culture, if a restaurant can’t get the press it needs to get chairs filled and their name circulating in the foodie world, don’t bet on keeping your doors open long. One way to make sure your restaurant gets the recognition it needs to thrive, is by hiring a restaurant PR firm.


Even though having secured print and digital coverage is absolutely fantastic, it isn’t complete without having a social media marketing plan to boot. A food and beverage public relations firm can put together a thorough social media marketing plan that will enable the team to target a specific demographic that you will want eating and drinking at your restaurant.

Social media will help spread the word with yummy photos, circulate specials faster, and facilitate conversation about how great the establishment is! Social media marketing is integral in the overall plan of opening a restaurant, so be sure to at least have a social media plan in place before opening day.

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